As the way marketing are evolving, with every passing day we want to get closer to our consumers. Conversation and interaction are the only way that you can fill the gap between you or your brand and your consumers. But to attend a lot of visitors or in starting day on business, it’s hard to appoint a lot of manpower for many of the brands.

So, what is the solution?

Should you make more pressures on existing consumers attending staffs or is there any other solution available?

Of course, you have already heard about the chatbots, and these days bots are quite popular. On many digital platforms you already have interacted with these bots, have you found any difference in experience?

What do you think, contact through ‘Contact Us’ page was more efficient?

Absolutely not, if at the same time of visiting, I can get more information about any particular products or offers then why I will not grab that?

But at the same time, you must had noticed that bots are getting use only by some particular websites or we can say digital platforms. So, how you’ll get to know that,

How and when you should use Chatbots?

First you should know that when you should use the chatbots for your business?

Use chatbots only, when it makes sense. Not just cause of fascination and all are using the chatbots. You need to dig your requirements;

Do you really need a chatbot?

Why People use Chatbots? If you’re asking this then you need to know the main motive behind setting up and using the chatbots.

The simplest answer for this question could be “to provide a simple, interactive and streamlined process.”

For example, if you’re looking for a bit of information from visitors then you can go for the forms, you don’t need to streamline that process and make a sequence in Chatbot. That would be more tedious for you and your visitors too.

If you want to offer the free eBook on any topic and for that you want collect a bit of information from the downloading person, then you can create the small form or call to action button. Just for downloading an eBook if I’ll need to interact with the chatbots and answer those 1000 times already asked questions then I’ll bit frustrate and may be get back with downloading the file and entering the data.

Chatbots are double edge swords, it can backfire you too. If chatbots will be boring and quite machiny in sound then people would not love to interact with it. In this case you’ll get worst results then the forms.

What are you trying to accomplish?

You need to be very clear that, what are you trying to accomplish finally.

Because you’ll need planning to design your chatbot sequence and if you’ll don’t have a proper plan or idea, then you’ll kill lot of your precious time being unproductive.

Why & when you should use Chatbots?


Chatbots are best for conversation. You should create or set up the chatbots to start a conversation with your consumers or visitors.

Approx. every business need to convert the leads into customer and for this you need to interact and talk with the leads. Chatbot helps you here, forms will only let you collect some data. But through chatbots you can build the trust with your visitors via your statements and your set up auto typed sentences.

What is the main problem with the forms are that, they are the objective oriented. You need to describe a little bit before asking for the information and then you can create some fixed fields and ask your visitors to fill them.

But with chatbots you can engage your visitors into multiple conversations and it has ability to change their mind.

There are a lot of case studies, those shows that if any consumer wants to subscribe for basic plan then a well setup chatbot pushes him to go for the mid end subscription. Chatbots have great conversion percentage via conversation.

Chatbots are great for building 1 – 1 relationship

Chatbots are great to boost up your inbound marketing strategy.

Afterall everyone wants to be special, unique and heard. And chatbots will let them feel the same. If your leads or consumers will feel that you are giving them a superior experience and they are special for you, they would love to be with you.

Just to collect the leads and convert then is meaningless if they will not feel special with you or with your brand.

Why we need 1-1 relationship with consumers?

Quality is preferred over quantity and we know that. 1-1 relationship always show your quantity and it also represent that you are not addressing a crowd, they think that you want to give same respect to all your consumers.

Use chatbots to eliminate the dead time


You know “Dead Time”, right?

If no, then let me explain a little bit. Dead time is the time frame which goes unproductive. For example, suppose your customer wants to have support for any topic, then they will prefer the live chat for as first preference.

What if your chat executive will take 3 minutes to connect with that particular customer?

Those 3 minutes were unproductive for them and in many cases, consumers hate this. Chatbots can engage your customers in those dead time by keep talking to them and able to offer the discounts or any good subscription.

Meanwhile your executives will able to prepare themselves to attend them.


We will discuss in detail that how to create your chatting sequence in your chatbot according to your business. It will get discussed in the next article and we will have more idea that how we can make this chatbot more efficient for your business.

Meanwhile we are eagerly waiting for your feedback on this article.