Social Marketing through direct social media channels and/or Influencer marketing is one of the major parts of marketing strategy for any brand or company. Influencer marketing is well crafted marketing campaign, and it works for every demographic and for every kind of products and services.

What is Influencer Marketing & why you should go for it?


Influencer marketing is one of the digital marketing techniques where you ask someone to promote your product or services to their followers. Obviously, their followers are supposed to be the target audience for your product or services.

In very general, this is a paid collaboration between 2 parties. Sometime it could happen for exchange something else, like post for post.

But in any condition, you would like to track your and measure your ROI of campaign. One more difficulty in influencer marketing or social marketing is that you wouldn’t like to post the whole link.

Sometime link could be very long, sometime it will not very readable for your audience. So, here URL shorter comes into scene to save few characters and conversions for you.

We already have been written the basic and advanced techniques to make your Influencer marketing campaign successful. You can read those here.

Here in this article we will discuss in detail the use of short URLs in Influencer marketing or for your social marketing.

Why Short URL is useful in Influencer Marketing?


Very first thing, which you can think about role of Short URL in Influencer marketing is ‘Make URL more meaningful’.

For e.g:

If you want your social marketing on twitter with this link, then you’ll have no space for anything else after this link.

So, here are the two main reasons to use short URL for your influencer marketing:

  • Make your URL short
  • Make your URL readable even after inserting the UTM

What is UTM

UTM short form stands for “Urchin Tracking Modules”, use to measure and detect the source of traffic. If UTM is inserted properly then, the analytics tools like Heap Analytics, Google Analytics or any other analytics tool also can detect the source of traffic and can show in proper.

How to build UTM and short it

UTM builder are available for your help or you can insert by yourself, if you know the format properly.

Here are some URL builders for your reference, which you can use to insert URL for your next social or Influencer marketing campaign.

Appspot UTM builder (UTM Builder)


After using any of this tool, you’ll find that URLs are quite long, and unfit for your social or Influencer marketing campaign.

Now you can use the best URL shortner in the business, and you know what you’re not supposed to paid a dime even. Use MarketoApp’s URL shortner