MarketoApp URL shortner Documentation is a URL shortener by MarketoApp that gives you the real freedom to experience a total new Universe of URL shorteners. This tool can access at by anyone. MarketoApp introduces the “Free for all” package to use this tool. This tool is scalable and can serve to any scale of use. For organization, enterprises, or personalization of tool, please get in touch with us to take it further. 

MarketoAppURL shortener tool “” 


Your journey will start from here, most probably, the login or register screen. If you’re an existing fan of, then enter your username and password, and then click on login to experience the best URL shortener out there. You can check the “Remember me” box if you’re working on your personal device and need to use this tool frequently. Please avoid checking this box, if you’re working on some others or public device. 

Sign Up

If you’re not registered with us already, you’ll need to click on “Sign Up” and fill the form to be a part of the MarketoApp family. It’s free and forever will be until you would like to push it to the next level or want personalized URL for you.  

Forgot Password

Did you forget the password? No worry, we’re here to help you.  

Click on the forgot password and enter the email address, which you used previously to register with us. You’ll get the email from us with the password reset link, and you can reset your password. 


Yes, this simple dashboard can give you the real, fresh, and different experience from other URL shorteners, which you were using till yet.  

Ok, let’s have a walkthrough first of the dashboard. 

  1. This logo is the face of the URL shortener. You can come back to the dashboard menu, or you can say the homepage of this board anytime by clicking this tool. 
  2. These are the levers of this URL universe. You’ll use most of your time by toggling from 1 to another to have the best experience. We’ll describe it in brief. 
  3. This is your membership information, what are the limitation of your membership and how much you’ve used out of your allocated quota. 
  4. This is to inform you about your next payment cycle. If you’ve registered for free, then you don’t need to worry about it. As you can see, your next payment cycle is pretty long. 
  5. Here you can make short URLs of your desired URL. You’ll use this part, very much in-comparison of others. 
  6. Here you can see your hard work. Your previously shortened URLs. 
  7. This is your avatar, here you can manage and edit your profile, membership and you can log out safely from this tool to use it later. Here you can export all your shortened URL in CSV format. 
  8. This is the graphical representation of your fans worldwide, where you’re getting clicks from. 
  9. Here you’ll find the real-time activities of your shortened URLs. 
  10. Top URLs section will let you know, which URL is performing better and which of your campaign is actually successful. 
  11. In this section you’ll find our Terms and Conditions of usage, contact detail and you can change the language of the dashboard as well. Currently we’re only available in English. 

URL shortener Dialogue Box: 

How to shorten the URL

This tool is very easy to use, you only need to paste to write the URL in the box, which you want to short. And then click “Shorten,” and that’s it. Your URL is shortened. Cheers.  

There you’ll see some more options to use, and I strongly recommend you to use them and experience the newness in the URL shortening industry.  

You can use the advanced option of Marketoapp URL shortener to experience a whole new URL shortener universe. 

Custome Alias:  

This is the option, which is friendly to every marketer, whoever uses any URL shortener. Here you can write the word which you want to keep at the end of your shortened URL. Like, if I want keep “test” in the last of URL, then I would write here “test,” and my shortened URL would like something like this. 

Link Expiration: 

Yes, you can choose here the date, after which this link will get expired and no one would able to open this link. It’s totally upon you, that how and in which case you would like to use this feature. 

Password Protect: 

You should use this feature, if you’re shortening something, which is private or security concerned or you want only some specials to open the link. You can set here the password for that particular shortened URL. Password won’t show anywhere and you need to share the password separately. 


Here you can write the description for that particular shortened URL. It will help you to remind about that particular shortened URL. 

Nest advanced feature is “Geotargeting” 


Under this feature via one short URL, you can redirect the audience by their geographic position. If you want to redirect the USA audience on some page and audience from India on some other page, then you can do this by specifying the different URLs here. 

Isn’t it great? 

Device Targeting: 

Have you ever heard about “Deep Link”. Of course you do, sorry for asking. 

Here by using this feature you can make your short links as deep link. For those who don’t know, please refer this article to know more about deep link in deep. 

Here you’ll have 5 different options for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobiles. Unfortunately, we’re not supporting the Windows operating system for mobile, neither we have any plan to do so. 

You’re not supposed to write your app store or play store link directly in the link, for having the real deep link effect you need to add something in the link. For that, we recommend you to read this article for having the great understanding on this feature, and how you can use this feature like pro. 

Targeting Pixels: 

This is that awesome feature, which every marketer would need.  

Now you can retarget each and every single audience form any kind of campaign by using this feature. 

First you need to set up your ad platform pixels in the dashboard. For that please refer to the documentation part for “Tracking pIxel”. 

Parameter Builder: 

In parameter builder you are free to create the custom UTM parameter for your campaigns to track accurately. You can add as much parameter as you want. 

These were the awesome features, which make this Marketoapp offering of a URL shortner level apart. 

You can see 2 more action buttons here  

Redirection Type: 

Here you can select the redirection type for your URL. By default it is selected “Direct” 

You have option to Choose: Frame, Splash, Custom Splash and Custom Overlay. 

  • Frame: In this option your final URL will be opened under a frame, where users will have option to Share the page on Facebook or Twitter. Or they can close the frame, to see the full width page. 
  • Splash: By choosing this option, user will first have an information dialogue box, they they can decide there, they want to redirect to the final URL or not. 

There we covered you, you can make custom splash plage from “Splash Page” menu. We got this, you won’t need to request for the functionality, which you deserve. 

  • Custom Splash and Overlay Pages: You can choose redirection type as your custom splash page or custom overlay page.  

More about Custom Splash and overlay page in their dedicated section. 


Shortened URL Domain 

Here in this action menu you can select the domain, which you want to use in your shortened URL. We recommend you to use “”, if you haven’t setup your custom domain yet.  

If you’ve setup already your custom domain, then you can select it form here. 

Shortened URL dashboard 

After shortening any URL, again you’ll have a lot of information about that URL and options to manage these. 

  • If you are shortening the URL in numbers, then you’ll need to arange them properly. Here you can. 
  • In bold letters you’re viewing the Site title of final URL. 
  • Shortened URL and button to copy that directly. 
  • Any advance settings (if you’ve used) 

Now below this you have some action buttons. 

Private: If you want any tool to make private then you can make from here or public, vice-versa. In private mode other members of your team won’t able to see that. 

(once shared, there will be no effect on click. Redirection or tracking.) 

Edit: By clicking this button you’ll be able to edit your shortened link. You can edit and change each and everything. 

Delete: If you wish to delete your shortened link, then you can click here. Please remember, you can’t undo this action and if anyone will click on this link then they will get a “404 error” page. 

Options: We recommend you to use this “options” functionality to manage your links. 

  • Add to bundle: You can make bundle of few links and add the links directly from here. It is a great functionality to manage the links according to campaign, medium, redirection or anything, as you wish. 
  • Archive: you can send any link to the archive by selecting this option. Here you’re not allowed to make more segmentation. People usually use this tool to categorize the old URLs. If they do not wish to delete the link and their data. 
  • Share: Link can be shared on the Facebook and Twitter directly from here. 

N Days Ago: This just help you to recall, when this short link was created. 


Archived Links 

Here you’ll find all the archived links, which you’ve selected to archive. Same like URL dashboard, you can take any actions on URL from here. 

You can Unarchive the links as well. 

Expired Links 

Any link, for which you’ve selected the expiration date, you’ll find those here, after their expiration. 


Here you can create and manage the bundles of your link. 

Bundles is just like the Folder of your shortened links, which will help you to manage your links. 

Splash Page 

In this section you can make your very owned designed Splash page. 

You can make Splash page by clicking the “Create button” 

Creating “Splash Page” is as easy as to have a piece of cake. 

You just need to fill the 4 column form. 

  • Unique Name: Here you’re supposed to provide the name of your splash page. It will help you in future to find the page. 
  • Link to the Product: Please enter the final URL here, where you want to redirect the users. 
  • Upload Avatar: You can upload the logo or any image in the dimension of 100 x 100 pixel. 
  • Upload Banner: Here upload the picture of dimension 980 x 250/500 px. It is same like the cover picture. 
  • Custom Title: You can enter the title here, which will show like introduction of the product, services or page where the user will redirect. Tip- Show some creativity and use some attractive copy. 
  • Custom Message: Here you 140 character to negotiate with the users to make them click on the redirection. It will help you to increase the conversion. 

Overlay Pages 

Overlay pages are actually pop-ups. Which will show above the final URL . We recommend you to must use this, if you’re redirecting the users on some websites, which is not your actually. It will help you to convert then. 

Again, we keep this as simple as it could be. By clicking on the “Create” button you’ll get a simple form. 

  • Name: Enter the name for that pop-up or overlay pages. 
  • Custom Message: Here write something relatable and creative in 140 character, so users will click on it. 
  • Overlay label: This part will show diagonally on the right-upper corner or pop-up, so be careful with the characters. You can see the result instantly in the preview section on the right-upper side of your screen. 
  • Button Link: Where do you want to redirect the users, enter that URL. 
  • Button Text: Enter the text which you want to show on button. 

Tip: You can leave empty “Overlay label”, “Button link” and “Button Text” to disable or not use it. 

  • Colors: Here you can match the visuals of pop-up with your brand or like the website of final URL. So, people will think website owners is showing this pop-up. 
  • Overlay Position: You can select the overlay position as per your wish. We recommend you to choose the position, which you think would give you the more number of conversions, 

Hoooorayyyyyy. You’ve just created the overlay. Now it’s time to put it on the work. Short some URL with this. 


Tracking Pixels 

In tracking pixels menu, you can set the pixels of your different preferred ad platform, to retarget those users, who had click on your links. 

Currently, we are supporting, Facebook, Google (Adwords), Twitter, Adroll, Quora and LinkedIn. 

On the right side of screen, you’ll have the instructions to set it up.