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Advance your marketing strategy with the most advance URL shortner, you can ask for. MarketoApp is sponsering this for you to use it at absolute ‘ZERO’ cost.

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We’re introducing our services with the free plan and you’ll never be charge for that. You can contact is anytime for your specific requirement

Custom URL

Use your URL to create your brand and sound more legit. You can easily do this with us, only you need to do is to contact with us, and we’ll take care of everything.

Pixel Tracking Dashboard

You can retarget the audience of your omnichannel on your favorite ad platform. We made it possible and simpler than ever.

Redirection by Device

Different device, different usage, different landing. Now redirect your audience according to their device. No need of double redirection

2 Yr. Historical Data

You don’t need to worry about your data and campaign records. We’ll keep saved for next 2 yrs. So you can easily see and analyze your campaign data and success.

Unlimited API Usage*

Want to automate the process with your system. Do it with API and you’ll be able to it seamlessly, without human touch, in free plan also.

Overlay Advertise Anywhere

Share others content also, no issue. Now you can advertise on their website, if redirected from your shorten URL. Launch your first link.

Redirection by Location

Never used geographic based redirection? Use this functionality for free here with MarketoApp and create next campaign more creative.

Your Benefits

How Much Marketing Cost You Can Save

URL Shortnert

$ 400/yr

Device based Redirection

$ 948/yr

Geo Targeting

$ 500 vs Tinyurl vs Rebrandly

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