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So, you’re not able to see your ads in your ad asset?

If you’re not able to see it in ad asset, it really doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong or any system error of google.

It is your settings which is the real reason behind it.


Google Ads gives you a lot of control


Yes, Google Ads gives you a lot of control on everything, either you want to create the campaign or you want to see the performance of ads or you want to create a customize the reporting.

We have already discussed in previous articles that how you can make customize reporting and dashboard in Google Ads dashboard, you should read that if you’re looking for a much customized reporting.

So, because Google Ads dashboard gives you a lot of freedom to customized the dashboard, so sometime we use to forget to change the settings back into default.

Here are some reasons, why your ads are not visible into Ad Asset section:

  1. Check “Asset Status”. You should set it to “All” and if you want to see only enabled ads then select “All Enabled
  2. Check “Segment”. By default it should set to the “None
  3. Check are you in right Ad Group or not.
  4. Check the date range.
  5. Check the “filters”. You may have select some kind of asset type, which you haven’t created.

Use the “Filters” carefully, or clear all filters, if you’re not very comfortable with.